Both Worlds School of Music offer Band Lessons where students are given the opportunity to further their musical education by learning how to play or sing in an ensemble. Our bands contain between 3-6 students each and participate in weekly one hour sessions where they experience the fun and challenges of learning, rehearsing, recording and performing music together. The bands prepare songs for performance at our regular concerts (and also at their schools) and also work towards other projects such as recordings, videos and photo shoots.

Band Photos

'Court of Owls' at our end of year concert 2015
'Free on Tuesday' at our end of year concert 2015
'Court of Owls' Band Group Shot at our Mid Year Concert 2015

Bands are comprised of both singers and instrumentalists and sessions are led by one of our experienced teachers. Students have the opportunity to learn and play songs that differ from their private lessons or use the band lessons to hone and perfect songs they have already worked on individually; within the band context.

PA System, microphones, drums, keyboards, guitars, amps and effects are all available for use and students can even swap instruments from song to song to further widen their understanding of different instruments and their roles in a band.

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