Looking for a Christmas Gift? Or looking for ways the kids can stay busy and give you a break during the holidays? Why not sign up for a Holiday Workshop?

We have workshops for the following:

Singing Workshop:

The content of this workshop will change depending on the age groups and experience level. Please call 7901 2351 or email info@bothworldsmusic.com.au with any questions.

Choir/Glee Style Group:

The group will learn how to sing as part of a choir, work on harmonies and take turns doing solos. Over the sessions, the group will also rehearse a few songs together and record/film their performance so they can share what they've learned with their friends and family. Depending on the time of year, the group may also have the opportunity to perform at one of our student concerts.

Live Sound:

Learn the basics of live sound engineering. The group will look at fundamental sound concepts and get hands on experience using a variety of professional sound gear. 

Stage lighting:

Learn the basics of stage lighting and DMX lighting. The group will learn how to setup, manually run and program DMX lighting using a variety of professional lighting gear.


This workshop aims to teach the basic methods for anyone to start songwriting and even some tips and tricks to get you creating when you feel stuck.

Mums and Bubs : Connect through music

This workshop is very similar to our SPEC Programme and is an excellent way of connecting with your child while supporting and encouraging their development. Parents will leave the workshop armed with confidence and plenty of ways to continue bonding with their child through music at home.

UKELELE Workshop


'Uke and Me' is a group ukulele workshop for beginners. The workshops will be split into primary school and high school/adult aged groups. Each workshop is 2 hours long, those in attendance will learn the basics of ukulele and receive a small booklet with songs that will be learned on the day. High school age students/adults can either purchase a package that includes a ukulele, bring their own or use one of our spares(very limited number). Ukulele is a very fun and easy instrument to learn. Make it 'uke' easy by attending our workshop. 'Uke' can do it!

For the young ones we have a special workshop which includes them receiving their very own ukulele (from a range of colors) for them to take home. Students will learn the basics of ukulele, learn some songs together and also decorate their ukulele with craft materials provided on the day.


'Cowboy Chords' is a group guitar lesson workshop for beginners. Each workshop is 2 hours and is aimed at adults or high school students who have received a guitar as a gift and want to learn the basics to strum along with simple campfire style songs. It is never too late to learn, so ride off into the sunset armed with your instrument and your cowboy chords booklet which you'll receive once you attend the  'Cowboy Chords' workshop. Thinking or buying someone a guitar? Why not give them a head start in guitar playing with this workshop. Packages with guitars including are also available.

More information to come but if you're keen to come along, have your child enrol or would like to give the workshop as a gift please

email us info@bothworldsmusic.com.au or call 02 7901 2351

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