SPEC Programmes are split up into age groups each with different aims and activities

SPEC Babies: 0-2 years

Aims to:

Promote a positive and nurturing bond between parent and child through musical experiences

Learn baby appropriate repertoire to continue enjoying music at home (e.g. play songs to stimulate, lullabies to soothe and knee-jogging to play)

Baby enjoys a multi-sensory experience including, looking, listening, touching, rocking, moving and bouncing


SPEC Toddlers: 2-3 years

Aims to:

Promote and strengthen the parent-child bond through positive, joyful & relaxed parent-child interaction

Your toddler enjoys learning to socialise, share, wait, listen & initiate in a group situation

Your toddler explores music and develops (1) body awareness, (2) vocal ability and (3) motor skills through movement, dance, singing and playing percussion instruments.

Your toddler develops cognitive and musical concepts such as fast/slow, loud/soft, high/low, and numbers through song and musical games/activities


SPEC Pre-schoolers: 3-5 years

Aims to:

Promote confidence, communication, social skills, emotional awareness, cognition, memory, concentration, attention regulation and emotional regulation essential for school readiness.

Your child experiences musical creativity and exploration of self through musical games, improvisation, role plays, solo and group playing and song

Your child develops more musical independence, instruction following, leadership and teamwork skills.


Optimal class is 8 children (maximum 10) so contact us now to reserve your place!

Facilitated by a university trained and registered music therapist: Dr Ali Creighton, PhD, Ma(CMT), BaMus(MusEd), RMT

SPEC Primary : 5-7 years



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